[Guide] Wire your LCD Display to the Pi Zero

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Re: [Guide] Wire your LCD Display to the Pi Zero

Post by Major_Tom » Sun Jan 03, 2021 1:28 am


I have done this exact configuration on a raspberry pi zero w. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be working. I checked to make sure none of my soldered wires bridged (I have just the 3 wires set up.)

I'm fairly confident that I have it set up correctly (there's only 4 wires that need to be saldered 5V, Ground, and Composite + 5V modification for the screen.)

Any advice on what to do to get this working?

As a frame of reference I have tried two different screens. A brand new one just taken out of the box, and an identical model variation 13 that I had successfully wired and had running on a raspberry pi 3 B+ (Long story, didn't initially know it wouldn't fit.)

With that logic, either or both of the P10W are faulty, or the most recent image of retropie on The Zero and 1 for it is suffereing problems. Any advice?

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