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Post by kite » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:25 pm

Kite's SUPER AIO Pre-Order Thread
It's finally here! :D The final prototype arrived, has been fully tested and works like a charm! I will put up a video of me pointing out bits on the board soon but for now photos will do. Please read this entire post, it is jammed with information! Read it before asking questions!

This is NOT the most recent order thread, and is left here for archive purposes only.

Next Pre Order Signup (email notification): https://goo.gl/forms/PMtZIy0CDdXlkVVU2

Original development thread: http://www.sudomod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=243

Support Thread

User Guide
https://github.com/geebles/Super-AIO/re ... E_V1.1.pdf

The guide is for the PI ZERO only, and I have put a VERY basic section in for the Pi3.. I haven't had time to do a full Pi3 build yet, but it is coming!! This guide is now V1.1 and has minor changes but is now considered the 'final' version (it will get updated where necessary though!).

Source code and pre-made images
Everything has been uploaded to github here: https://github.com/geebles/Super-AIO
If you click on 'releases' you'll see the pre-made images: https://github.com/geebles/Super-AIO/releases

How does this pre-order work? Is it here yet?
Pre-order will be open for a time duration with no limit on quantity. IF there are too many orders (determined by the PCB manufacturer) then the order will be split in two (people will be notified) which will mean an approx 2 week delay for people in the second half order. Here is a little timeline that will get updated over time to show the key dates (note that the format is dd/mm/yy):

Curent status: Pre closed, boards have arrived! Testing + packaging now..

[19/11/2016] Pre-order open!
[28/11/2016] Pre-order closes.
[30/11/2016] Number of orders and other components calculated, orders placed.
[23/01/2017] Chinese New Year (shipment delayed due to courier not running over new year)
[~10/02/2017] Boards + other components arrive (time to test them!)
[26/02/2017] Orders ready to ship <-- You are here

I will edit here when there are updates!

I missed out :( Will there be another pre-order?
Yes, once everyone in this order (preorder #1) has received theirs and feedback has been collected, then a 2nd round will happen (+ the addition of the 640x480 adapter, which will be compatible with all preorder #1 boards). If you missed out because you are new or didn't know, subscribe to this thread :) Also sign up to the email notification with the link at the top of this post.
  • A REAL 'All in one' that really does do it ALL in ONE
  • Main PCB fills the 'front' half of a shell
  • DPI LCD with support for 320x240 LCD (included) (640x480 support coming soon, and will be compatible with original board)
  • Built in USB 2.0 HUB
  • Built in ATMEGA32u4 for buttons and joystick (UDLR, ABXY, L1L2, R1R2, JoyX, JoyY, battery monitor, AMP and WIFI enable/disable, status LED, backlight brightness control).. has 2x spare analogue pins as solder pads!
  • Supports the classic 'SNES' style button arrangement as well as the 'vertically aligned' style (required for the 3DS joystick in the middle)
  • Built in 1A charger and load balance (play and charge at same time, you'll need a 2.5/3A charger to do this)
  • Built in efficient regulators (3.3v and 5v)
  • Built in SD slot in contrast port
  • Built in 3.2W stereo amplifier + headphone jack (with auto switch off when headphones plugged in)
  • Built in volume pot
  • Built in Over temperature fan enable (5V or 3.3V)
  • Built in Safe shutdown, with low batt warning
  • Built in emergency shutdown (REALLY important if the Pi freezes or crashes as otherwise you'd have to disassemble to remove the power!)
  • Built in WIFI (with enable/disable by button combo)
  • Built in external USB port in the 'EXT' slot
  • Built in Micro USB port for charging and uploading sketched to ATMEGA32u4 (optional hole required to use this in a shell)
  • Additional 'mode' button to enable things like backlight adjustment, audio amp disable/enable, wifi enable/disable, etc (ideal to locate where the original barrel jack goes)
  • Supports a Pi Zero (directly soldered to PCB)
  • Supports a Pi3 (or 2) with optional 'GPIO Extender'
  • The back half of shell is relatively untouched, cartridge boards can be used and solder pads available for SD card in cartridge
  • Thanks to @Fleder for the logo design :D
Included bits:
  • Full sized main board. Fully soldered, tested, and programmed (Arduino button controller, USB HUB, USB Audio, Amplifier, Headphone + speaker switch (inc headphone jack), DPI LCD connector, WiFi (with button combo disable switch), Safe Shutdown Circuit, 1A Battery Charger, Low battery warning, SD slot in contrast port, Joystick + L1 L2 R1 R2 connectors, voltage monitor (available to the Pi itself to get accurate power monitor), over-temperature 'fan enable', adjustable backlight brightness)
  • Back board (USB Port, Volpot, Power switch connector, Mode button connector) which is very small
  • 320x240 LCD (DPI, clear and bright!)
  • Board interlink cables
  • Power switch (as close to original as I can find)
  • Mode button (goes in the charging jack port)
  • 3mm LEDs for power, charging, status (low batt), and wifi enabled/disabled
As a quick run down of things you would need in addition to complete the build:
  • GBO or 3D printed case with buttons and conductive membranes
  • Extra A and B buttons and plastic supports (SNES controller or otherwise)
  • Speaker
  • Pi Zero
  • Battery
  • Tools (Soldering iron with pointed tip (Adjustable temp + quality solder), drill, dremel, sharp knife)
Included bits:
Note: LEDs not pictured, but are included.
Note: Wifi module not pictured, but is included.Image
Required bits for completion:
Note: Back buttons not pictured, but are required.

How does ordering work? I've changed my mind!
Payment is by PayPal, I have used the 'add to cart' functionality and when you click the buttons below it will take you to a PayPal cart (you can keep adding things to the cart if you come back to this page, I suggest 'right click -> open in a new tab/window').

PLEASE SET YOUR ADDRESS CORRECTLY! You will be charged if re-shipment is required due to incorrect address, so get it right :) If you change your address please message me but please try to plan ahead where possible!

If you change your mind, there is a 100% refund available all the way up until I ship the boards to you :) Just message me.

FYI due to the GBP being down on the USD, and everything being paid in USD, that has meant the GBP cost has increased (sorry, blame brexit..)
Without further ado, here are the links:

(Board + Backboard + 320x240 DPI LCD + Wires + LEDs + USB + Button + Switch)
£79.99 (~$100)
[spoilerDISABLED="SUPER AIO Images"]Note: LEDs not pictured, but are included.
Note: Wifi module not pictured, but is included.ImageImage[/spoilerDISABLED]Image

Pi3 Extension Ribbon
(Pi3 adapter + AIO adapter + SD cable + 10cm ribbon)
£9.99 (~$12)
[spoilerDISABLED="Pi3 Extension Images"]This makes it easier to use a Pi3 by allowing all the GPIO pins to be placed elsewhere.. the SD cable allows for the contrast SD slot to be used in a USB adapter or to replace the Pi3's SD card slot. You'll need to do some heavy modifications to the Pi3, it is not for a beginner. I would REALLY recommend doing a Pi Zero build first.ImageImageImage[/spoilerDISABLED]Image

SUPER AIO Soldering Service
(Send in your Pi Zero and I will fit and solder it for you. Fully tested! If SD is included I will place the RetroPie image on the SD for you (the cost is NOT for RetroPie, RetroPie is FREE and you should NOT pay for it))
You will need to ship your Pi Zero to me in the UK. This is only for the Pi Zero, I won't desolder your Pi3 sorry :)
£9.99 (~$12)
[spoilerDISABLED="Soldering Server Images"]Image[/spoilerDISABLED]Image

17x17x3mm 3.3V Blower Fan
(VERY small and thin fan, it is a blower rather than an axial fan. Why so expensive? They don't appear to make them any more.. I need a MINIMUM of 10 orders for this price, the more people order the lower I can get the price. If >10 orders I WILL refund the savings)
£9.99 (~$12)
[spoilerDISABLED="Micro Fan Images"]Image[/spoilerDISABLED]Image

JST Battery Cable
(A battery cable compatible with the battery connector. It is the same as the one used on the Adafruit PowerBoost boards, just here for convenience)
£1.99 (~$2.50)
Shipping cost? Shipping time? Do you ship to XYZ?
Shipping is calculated at checkout, PayPal doesn't implement a nice set of shipping options so prices are set at an international rate! Any shipment to the UK will be REDUCED by a refund so that it comes out to £4.99. For everyone else it should come up about £9.99. ALL shipments are sent first class tracked by RoyalMail and will require a signature. I am not promising to get tracking numbers to everyone but if PayPal make this easy for me then I'll do it :)

Shipping is WORLDWIDE with the exception of Africa and China or any country Royal Mail prohibits from sending to.

If you have any special postage requirements, please include in the order notes!

How do I do XYZ? Do I need XYZ? Do you recommend XYZ?
A guide will be posted in a support thread <Kite to insert link here>(user guide at the top of this thread currently). To get the board working you NEED: Case, Buttons (+conductive pads), Battery, Speaker, Pi Zero, uSD card. Anything additional to the list is up to you and use your imagination, this is your project after-all :) I won't be answering any 'can I use XYZ?', but if you use common sense you'll be able to work it out :) it is as simple as soldering the Zero in, connecting up the back board and cables, and powering on (with a lot of case modding in the process!).

I recommend you to use a Pi Zero, the Pi3 is a LOT more involved and you'll need to de-solder all the components from a Pi3, trust me you will have a GREAT time with the Zero!

For a battery I would recommend a flat Li-ion or Li-Poly (lipo) that is 2500-3000mAh in size with a protection board built in (this will give 5-8hrs of playtime and 3hrs chargetime). Your best bet is eBay/Aliexpress.. FYI make sure the WIDTH of the battery is no bigger than 50mm otherwise it won't fit between the screw posts.. a good height is 55-60mm, and thickness can be anything up to 14mm I think. Check the forum as the battery isn't unique in this project, any battery that others have fitted WILL work here.. Don't use AA's or the lipo equivalent size one.. I wouldn't recommend anything bigger, but it's up to you I really don't mind what you do :D

This project is a DIY project, you will need to do some cutting and case modding, some soldering (not much though) and perhaps a bit of linux too, I will create a guide that will get you running, the rest is up to you :) this isn't a pre-made and it'll just work, it's still a project but I've taken all the electronic hard work (and risk of failure) out of the question for you :)

Warranty? What if I break it?
Where possible, I will help and identify what is wrong if it doesn't work for you. Every board is tested FULLY before shipping so I know it was working when posted. Because it is DIY there are limits to what I can do, if things really aren't working you can send the board back and for a small fee (£14.99) I will repair and ship back to you working (shipping included).

Note that this is a DIY project, and you can do it with minimal experience! But you MUST follow the guide exactly to the letter.. if in doubt get someone to help, or select the 'solder service' and I'll take care of the soldering for you. 9/10 times projects like this are ruined by a poor soldering iron, and poor solder.. you need an ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE IRON, and GOOD SOLDER THAT CONTAINS FLUX (clean it off afterwards). Do nut put the iron too high (260-280 degrees C should be more than enough).

If you have ordered the soldering service, I will test and evidence it working before shipping.. if there is any defect because of my soldering work then I will repair no problem. Other issues will be case by case but I can't imagine there being a problem.. worst case it will be the cost of postage.

CHECK THE BATTERY POLARITY BEFORE PLUGGING IN! No returns if you have done this, as the pads are clearly marked.

If you have any questions, please READ this post and thread. If that doesn't answer your question then send a message on Discord, or send me a PM and I'll answer the question in this FAQ :)

Back buttons? Yep you'll need to get some, check out other forum members ideas for placement and what type they are!
Speaker? The original GBO one will fit best, I don't have a recommendation yet.. the one I have pictured above is a little big but if you search for a 30mm or 32mm speaker, you should find it!
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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by Camble » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:33 pm

Amazing work Kite! It looks fantastic in black! :D

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by goellner » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:40 pm

Do you have the connection for the 640x480 screen ready for this board? I preordered the board, but it would be nice to make my new build with the screen I already have at hand.

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by kite » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:42 pm

goellner wrote:Do you have the connection for the 640x480 screen ready for this board? I preordered the board, but it would be nice to make my new build with the screen I already have at hand.
Not yet, 640x480 is still very much work in progress.. sorry about that but your existing board will be compatible with it when ready :)

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by dyldebus » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:43 pm

Whew. I thought you needed 8 months to test. You got me with those tricky British dates.

Thanks again for all your hard work. The final boards look amazing! I just ordered two!

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by que20 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:45 pm

Wow. That's amazing :shock:
Great job!

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by epicpwn » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:46 pm

Ordered! Thanks Kite. Really awesome work.


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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by AJRedfern » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:47 pm

Awesome job Kite, just placed my order. Looking forward to it.
AJRedfern - Author of the Game Boy Zero Splash Screen seen in Wermy's Custom Parts Guide Pt 2.

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by Pirate » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:48 pm

Pre-ordered mine I can't wait to get my hands on this board thanks!

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Re: [Pre-Order] Kite's SUPER AIO - OPEN

Post by tehsoul » Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:50 pm


Ordered 2!


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