My first MintyPi

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My first MintyPi

Post by nilus2k » Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:54 pm

Around the holidays I decided to finally looking into these Raspberry Pi's everyone was talking about and built my first Retropi. It was cool but I thought "Someone has had to have made this portable right?". Lots of research and I found this build and fell in love with the idea. When the pre-orders went up at the end of last year, I jumped on it and ordered my parts.

So here are my parts

The tin is Newman's own brand mints. I don't eat pig products so walking around with an Altoids(which contain pig gelatin) tin would look odd. Plus it would be a waste of mints. Someone on Youtube turned me on to these and the tin seemed to work great. I thought the red with the black buttons would really pop and compliment the case well.

The build was not without its issues. I learned a valuable lesson to check and check and recheck fit on things before putting them in. Not sure if the Newmans tin is slightly smaller or if the parts are suppose to go in so tight but it was tough to get things in and I ended up breaking my first memory card when I had to take parts out to fix an issue with the tin.

But it is complete. I am uploading some roms now and look forward to playing it and showing it off. Now I need to upload some Roms

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