Charging Times

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Charging Times

Post by Elyk082 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:02 am

So the info I’m trying to find out is what the expected charge times should be and how long should the battery last when playing a game? I haven’t run the MintyPi to shutdown yet because I’ve been worried about losing my progress in The Minish Cap but I played it on and off for most of the day yesterday and it did great. I plugged it in yesterday afternoon but this morning it was still charging so I just wanted to know if anyone knew how long it could end up taking or if my charger is the problem. For reference it is the V3 build of the MintyPi with the 2200mAh battery and and USB-C. The charger itself is the one I got with a raspberry Pi pack a couple years ago. I know it’s only a 5v but unsure of the amperage. Thanks!

So just want to finish off with, I think this is one of the best projects to jump in with when it comes to Raspberry Pi’s. I’ve done a couple RetroPies over the years and when it first came out I had some real issues finding a controller that worked or configuring it to work. Done a onion router which was fun but kinda impractical due to routing your Ethernet through a Pi to then trying to broadcast a secondary WiFi through a WiFi Dongle which would slow your speeds done incredibly. I’ve built OctoPrint setups for my printers but setting it up for access away from home was super unreliable as my printer would skip steps or randomly fail when the same SD card G-Code would print fine. This is the best ready to go project that lets you practice soldering and makes you feel like you built it from scratch but is super beginner friendly in my opinion, especially when it comes to the info found on this Forum, so thank you all, especially Helder and Wermy!!

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Re: Charging Times

Post by Helder » Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:37 pm

If the mintyPi is ON while you're charging it will take a good while to finish. the charging should take roughly 2.5-3 hours to fully charge when it's OFF. This is all dependent on your wall charger, the mintyPi charge chip charges at 1A but if your wall charger outputs 500mAh then that is half the charge rate so obviously the time will double.

Oh the system should do a safe shutdown when it's getting low and will warn you it is low and if you close the lid the magnet (assuming you are using one) will also save your game then safely shut the whole thing down.
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