Not sure about Multimeter readings

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Not sure about Multimeter readings

Post by Awesomenatious » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:36 pm

Have soldered the pi to the pcb, but I think I've possibly got a bridge connection. Trying to figure out what I've done wrong. My meter sits at 1 and goes down to 001 if touch the probes together. It doesn't have a buzzer. So this is all I have to check continuity.

I am getting all the test pads reading as 001, so no issue with continuity there. But I think I may have something bridged like Helder mentioned in another post. Possibly power being grounded?

But not sure what readings I should be seeing on my meter to prove or disprove that.

The pi powers up, but the screen is black. Tested all the test pads on the screen and they all check out to the corresponding pads on the pcb so it's not a ribbon cable issue.

Any advice welcomed.

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Re: Not sure about Multimeter readings

Post by Helder » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:03 pm

Test continuity from the controller board to the test pads on the LCD board. Might have a bad GND on the LCD board which could be a bad ribbon or the ribbon socket might have a loose pin.

Also be sure the SD card has the mintyPi image burned as it controls the LCD working or it will have a black screen the whole time.
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