[NEW STOCK IN] Custom GBZ lipo battery pack

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Re: [NEW STOCK IN] Custom GBZ lipo battery pack

Post by Billy Blaze » Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:49 pm

VeteranGamer wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:36 am
these battery will have a protection board...
this is where the positive and negative wires are soldered/connected too (the ones that have become detached)

some thing similar to this...
(its the board thats showing under the blue wrapping on your)


the board in this battery may/will not be the same...

but nearly all I've seen will have clear soldered/connection point/pads with appropriate markings indicating which is positive and which is negative....

a rule of thumb is generally not to pierce or expose a LIPO battery....
but in your case (I COULD BE WRONG) the blue wrapping is just there to keep the actual LIPO battery safe/secure
(I think there are more than one actual LIPO battery under the blue wrapping)

Personally I would just expose the board a little bit more and not to completely unwrap the blue wrapping....
and proving your competent in basic soldering you only need to see on the board where the positive/negative points are and carefully solder the wires back onto the the board....

and then just use some kapton tape to seal everything up....
you could also use some electrical insulation tape

you are doing this at your own risk....
if you are unsure about any of this...
then just buy a new battery
great success! I managed to fix everything.
thanks a thousand for guiding me through the process and pointing me towards important things I needed to be aware of.

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