Battery and powerboost for Gameboy Zero

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Re: Battery and powerboost for Gameboy Zero

Post by crazyfrog » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:34 pm

I'm still in the middle of ordering my parts for a first build but I've been researching batteries ALOT. My first issue with the batteries being used on here is they're softpacks which are being stuffed into various places in the gameboy and just aren't suitable to have components stuffed up against them. My second issue is we don't know how good the quality control is when these batteries are manufacturered and most the time we have no clue how much these batteries are rated to output for there given mah ratings.
While there's no good way to get around these issues we can buy different types of batteries which get around these issues all of which use the original gameboy battery compartment
  • AA batteries - These are obviously what the case is made for but the charging solutions are poor in comparison to lithium batteries.

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