Spykerwolf's build log - GBZ - custom parts

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Re: Spykerwolf's build log - GBZ - custom parts

Post by Sudafed » Thu Nov 11, 2021 5:56 am

Second wiring cheme is correct.
Vout: pi zero 5v pin
Vin: micro usb socket or 5v barrel socket .. this is where u plug in the charger
Bat: lipo battery +
GND of the pi, charging port and battery can be soldered tohether or to any of the gnd pins.

KEY needs to be wired to a seperate push button. Short press will swich on the gbz. Double tap will switch it off. (Green and black wires in the photo) The other pole of the button also to GND. I wired the slide switch between battery + and BAT of the module so that i can disconnect the battery completely bit thats optional. i also have an ina219 module to measure current and battery voltage
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Re: Spykerwolf's build log - GBZ - custom parts

Post by Spykerwolf » Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:06 pm

Thanks Sudafed, I've wired it up without the extra button for now but appreciate the input.
Took 2 extra days to rearrange & rewire almost everything in order to make it fit.
The gauge on some of the power wires were too thick, which gave me difficulty closing the case.

The case still doesn't close properly, but it's a big improvement from how it was.

- Power switch is hitting the 3D bracket - was thinking about cutting the top bit off & seeing if it fits then.
- USB port not working. I've got PWR & GND wired directly to the Pi & the data + - to the usb test pads, so not sure why it's not working. I'll fit it once I've sussed the issues.
- Top 2 controller buttons - they are a bit too "into the case". I had to hack some button wells together & think that might be the problem. It's not a major issue as I can get used to it, but would be nice if they can feel like the factory buttons.

Other than that it felt absolutely amazing to play some of the games that I completely forgot about (Tiny Toons Adventures etc).
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Re: Spykerwolf's build log - GBZ - custom parts

Post by Spykerwolf » Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:14 pm

- The case still doesn't close & I've ordered a smaller barrel connector & plug from aliexpress.
- The one at the moment is a 2.5mm one & I had to drill the DC plug hole a bit bigger.
- The 3d printed brackets are also struggling with the screws that came with the case, so will get some ones.
- Also received my L & R buttons (9mm tactile switches) that I'll install once I get everything.
- USB port is now working.
- Ordered some 3D printed button wells to see if I can fix the top 2 buttons.

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