Poppin' my GB cherry

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Poppin' my GB cherry

Post by vinhomessmartcity » Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:45 pm

When I think back, my memories of the Gameboy was this boring, grey box that screamed 90's computing design.. It was so boring it was sexy.

As a kid, I never owned one of those grey beasts but while on holidays back in 1994, I stumbled across a 'Limited Edition' Yellow unit bundled with Donkey Kong Land and Tetris in the Dutyfree store.
I was pretty shattered when I discovered the poor screen quality - I could hardly play Donkey Kong Land and after only 10 or 20 games, it was packed away never to see the light of day again.

Fast forward to 2016 when I recently stumbled across it in a box of stuff, still in the original acrylic case with the games, instruction booklets and box art, I instantly thought how cool it'd be to retro-fit some modern hardware into it and play some of the more modern games - hence I stumbled onto the Sudomod site :D

I went back and forth for a while wondering whether cutting up such a mint example would be seen as sacrilege and ultimately decided that my first effort should be on a cheap, Ebay replacement shell - in boring old grey no less. ;)

With some other retro-gaming projects being held up waiting for parts, I finally pulled out the Grey monolith and bought one of tinkeyBOYs 'all-in-one' controller boards along with his new DPI adapters along with a few other bits and pieces..

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