Ant's Pocket FE Builds

Show off your completed Game Boy Zero, or post your build logs here!
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Ant's Pocket FE Builds

Post by AntFJ » Tue May 07, 2019 9:44 am

Hey all - I'm sure there will be a flood of these builds soon. I was really looking forward to the pocket FE build ever since wermy's video so that I could try some SMD soldering for the first time. Also by sourcing the parts and ($5 pi zeros) I was able to keep this build way under the cost of the handhelds I've made in the past.

I plan on building 7 of these for now and hopefully more later. Many of these are going to be gifts (hard to stomach giving someone a kite circuit sword cm3 as a gift).

So far I've only broken one screen... other than that it has been going well. I wish we could buy the glass screen lens from GG... since they aren't available I designed my own border and had the stickers made by Sticker Mule. I then bought glass lenses from ali-express... strip the paint off the back and then apply my front adhesive sticker. It works... but not to the quality I would like.

Some recommendations for others building these... if you have a hot air station you can remove the usb from the TP4056 board and then solder it onto the GG board... they are the same port. I remove the dot matrix glass from the front of the screen - i think it muddy's up the picture. Just be careful when taking it off that you don't break the LCD. Use an exacto knife from the bottom to start cutting the adhesive holding the two together. The LCD scratches easily - be careful. I added a thin piece of foam on the back side of the screen to prevent it from moving around.

I would like to add a mode button through the DC jack hole at some point but haven't figured out the software yet. Also some things that I changed to the image provided by GG is to reinstall samba and change the select button from being fast forward in game...

All of my .STL files and board files are available here: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=7761&p=73856#p73856
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Re: Ant's Pocket FE Builds

Post by MrErickson » Wed May 08, 2019 7:21 am

Looks good, I'm eagerly awaiting shipping notice on my FE kit.

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