Virtual Controller (GPIO buttons + Analog Joysticks)

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Virtual Controller (GPIO buttons + Analog Joysticks)

Post by Chiklette » Thu Nov 25, 2021 5:16 pm


I'd like to know what would be the easiest way to set up a custom controller involving buttons from GPIO pins + 2 analog joysticks using MCP3008/ADS1015 Converter. (python, C++, existing magical library perhaps...)

I've already used GPIONext to map GPIO as buttons, however it doesn't cover Analog Joysticks at all.
On the other hand, I have a MCP3008 hooked to my pi which successfully returns values from both joysticks but I have no clue how I could put the whole thing together as a "custom controller".

Best would be some virtual "keyboard/controller" that I could register on the PI so it could be picked up by PCSX-Rearmed (non libretro)

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: Due to the lack of space, I cannot afford to use Arduino or USB controller (unless they are very small and can handle 15 buttons + 2 joysticks (2 axis))

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