USB Audio slows gameplay

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USB Audio slows gameplay

Post by sans_serif » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:12 am

When I connect my USB audio to my gbz it slows down the emulator and game becomes unplayable. Both game and sound play but everything is in slow motion. This is the last thing I have to wire and I just can't figure out why its happening.

I'm using the USB Sabrent sound card with 8 ohm speaker, PAM8403 Amp, B103 volume wheel, PJ-324 headphone jack and targus usb hub. I've tested the sound set up with my breadboard and phone and it works fine. I've tested the game play without sound and it works fine. I've looked at the connections and they seem fine. I've shortened the wires as much as possible. I've also tried overclocking but it makes no difference. I'm not sure whats going on or how to fix it. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
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Re: USB Audio slows gameplay

Post by spacemishka » Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:17 am

Are you sure u need an USB Audio with a PAM8403?

see Topic

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Re: USB Audio slows gameplay

Post by rodocop » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:33 am

yeah, you could try to remove the amplifier, and see if it shows the same issue, just to narrow the problem down. I've never seen that issue with my USB audio builds. When I use usb audio though, I do not use the extra amplifier.

Could also try a fresh install of retropie again to see if that helps at all.

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Re: USB Audio slows gameplay

Post by KonnorJ » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:19 am

Yeah depending on the speaker and sound card you dont always need the amp anyways.

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