Anyone have any luck with PSP games?

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Anyone have any luck with PSP games?

Post by LilTrublMakr » Sun May 12, 2019 4:36 pm

So I am getting ready to ramp up my CS with a joystick and l2/r2 buttons. I have pretty much everything set up, all my games scraped, and ready for prime time... But I just can not get PSP games to work for me at all. I go to play the game, the usual screen comes up but when it goes to the actual game launching, it just goes back to the game selection list.

Here is the runcommand.log file that is generated:

Now the blaring line is:

Code: Select all

[libretro ERROR] [BOOT] Unable to initialize rendering engine.
I have tried every google search term I can think of and none of them are bringing up anything useful. Maybe someone here will know what to do.

I am using lr-ppsspp btw.

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