First build shopping list and Battery advice

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First build shopping list and Battery advice

Post by jaimz » Wed May 20, 2020 8:05 pm


Long time lurker, first time builder here. I'm based in the UK and I want to build my own Game Boy Zero.

Can I ask somebody who has built one or more of these to double check I am buying the right items to start this? The last thing I'd want is to get some way through and have to bail because I'm missing something or bought the wrong item.

Retro Ghost has done a video series using the Kite Circuit Sword Lite but they are using different 3D Parts to the one I want to build (standard 4x button SNES varient) but there's no video 6 to show the cartridge install.

I've tried my best over the last few days to put together a "Shopping list" for two reasons. A) to make sure I'm fully aware of the cost this will be and B) to make sure I'm not surprised at any step of the way.

I'm not entirely sure if I can even source some of these items as I live in the UK and not the States (mainly the battery and the 3D parts) so any advice from people who live in the UK and have sourced these items would be immensely helpful!

Already own
  • Gameboy shell - I already own a faulty Gameboy which has been stripped of its contents and screen ready to cut out the pieces with a rotary tool.
  • Original XY buttons and D-pad from Gameboy shell
  • Extra XYAB buttons repurposed from a SNES controller
Not yet ordered
  • Raspberry Pi Zero - Out of stock - Have managed to find one on eBay which does not have wifi, I don't see this to be a big issue though?
  • Kite Circuit - As I missed the boat for pre-orders, I've found a Kite Circuit Sword Lite listing on eBay for one boxed which contains the boards, the LCD, ribbon, speaker & wires.
  • Glass Screen Lens from Jelly Belly Customs @ £5.00
  • Extra D Pad & ABXY Silicone Pads from Jelly Belly Customs @ £6.00
  • Kapton tape from Jelly Belly Customs @ £4.75
  • Kite Shoulder bracket from Glitch'd Gaming @ $10.00 + delivery and tax - Not sure if I can get these printed in the UK or not to save it being lost in transit?
  • Power Socket and Switch Bracket from Glitch'd Gaming @ $4.00 + delivery and tax - Not sure if I can get these printed in the UK or not to save it being lost in transit?
  • Shoulder buttons - No idea where to source these from?
The Battery
  • 3.7V 4000MaH Lithium Ion Battery - Is it me or are these unavailable wherever I look?
I've left this last because I don't know about anybody else, but I can't find a battery online that's 3000-4000 MaH, 3.7V and sized approx. 50mm x 50mm x 10mm? If I'm just being blind, could somebody please point me in the right direction to one that will fit the Gameboy case after I've cut out the battery area on the case?

The only one I've found scanning previous posts on the forum is one Kite recommended. Anybody from the UK ordered this before? ... hweb201603_

I appreciate all your help on this.

Many thanks


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