Dead DAC?

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Dead DAC?

Post by ICMF » Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:33 pm

I'm struggling with USB audio at the moment.

I wired a pair of speakers to my amp, wired my amp to my DAC, and plugged my DAC into a PC to test the audio. It worked. Tried it on my Pi. Still worked. Great.

Wired up the pot and headphone jack... nothing. Did some re-working, ended up lifting a pad on the amp, may have fried it while testing continuity (couple of shorts while it was plugged in... dumb, I know).

So I swapped in a new amp, and decided to breadboard it. Soldered a couple of bare wires to the amp, so it was PC - DAC - amp - breadboard, then I plugged the speaker into the breadboard. The sound was a little choppy, cutting in and out, and *seemed* to cut out if I moved the assembly around. That suggested a loose connection somewhere, so I picked up the speaker to test the connection. Sound stopped *completely* and the computer will not recognize the USB sound card any more.

I'm still getting power through the DAC and amp. I've got continuity on all my solder connections. I've got continuity through the speaker (so it's not blown). But when I plug in the DAC, it does nothing.

Is the DAC dead?

And, any idea how I might have killed it? A loose speaker connection in the breadboard shouldn't cause any issues, should it? It wasn't shorted or anything, just may not have been pushed in securely. And I can't imagine that, frying the chip on my first amp (if I did?) would cause problems with the DAC.

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