Buttons: they need a guide.

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Buttons: they need a guide.

Post by Mewcancraft » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:59 am

Hi there :D

So, I've been lurking around on these forums recently, as I'm preparing to build my first RasPi ZERO console: the idea is that it'll be a PSP/WiiU/Switch-shaped build, with as much I/O support as possible. The inside largely copies wermy's GBZ, though it's supposed to have a 5" screen and a beefier 10 Ah battery.

I've researched most of my parts, but I've hit one (possibly final?) roadblock, for which I've scoured the internet without success: buttons. Now, I know Helder makes GBZ PCBs regularly - though they seem to be out of stock, and as people might not be able to rely on his work in the future, we'll exclude him for now, as well as kite - but, like other similar boards, his and kite's designs usually come in kits which don't include triggers and shoulders. My aim is to build a device sporting 19 buttons (connected to the PiZ through a Teensy 2.0): 4 D-Pad buttons, 4 A/B/X/Y buttons, 3 interface buttons (Start, Select, Home), 2 shoulders, 2 triggers, and 4 blank buttons. (I also want to add in joysticks, possibly filling in 2 of the 4 blanks, but I've got that covered, I think.) The button layout would roughly be that of a PS4 controller, though with the 5" screen dividing both sides of the controls (again, looking like a Switch or a WiiU).

What I need, basically (and I think others could use this as well), is a guide on what parts make up a button (I know it's got something to do with rubber pads, but the layering doesn't seem obvious to me), how to integrate them into the circuitry, and what boards and button shapes are preferable for button workings - especially shoulders and triggers.


Edit: I should mention that I do know how the GBZ's other circuitry and soldering works; it's really just buttons.

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