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Script for auto-switching between gpio LCD and HDMI doesn't work on my Raspberry Pi 3.

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:31 pm
by greger
Hi. I'm want to auto-switch between a gpio LCD and HDMI-Out on a Raspberry Pi 3.
I found this guide that I'm trying to follow: ... d_hdmiout/

So I made two different config files, config_lcd.txt and config_hdmi.txt
And now I'm trying to run this script in "/recalbox/share/system/", but it doesn't work correctly.
It just says: "device_name=RTK-32V3H-H6A" when I have the both the LCD and HDMI connected. But it never reboots and change the output to the HDMI.

What have I done wrong?

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#HDMI connection?
rm -f
tvservice -n 2>
#echo $HDMI_NAME
if [ "$HDMI_NAME" == "[E] No device present" ]; then
	LCD_ON=$(grep "hdmi_drive=2" /boot/config.txt)
#	echo $LCD_ON
#	echo "LCD On"
	if [ "$LCD_ON" == "hdmi_drive=2" ]; then
#		echo "reboot to LCD"
		sudo rm -f /boot/config.txt
		sudo cp /boot/config_lcd.txt /boot/config.txt
		sudo reboot -n
	HDMI_ON=$(grep "lcd_rotate=2" /boot/config.txt)
#	echo $HDMI_ON
#	echo "HDMI ON"
	if [ "$HDMI_ON" == "lcd_rotate=2" ]; then
#		echo "reboot to HDMI"
		sudo rm -f /boot/config.txt
		sudo cp /boot/config_hdmi.txt /boot/config.txt
		sudo reboot -n