Tons of ROMS unsorted - how to?

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Tons of ROMS unsorted - how to?

Post by KetschupMajo » Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:17 am

Hy Guys,
long time ago i bought this Arcade-Station with 2100 ROMS and i build an own Cabinet for it - it works well: ... 0in%201%22

Now its time to bring the ROMs to Retropie on my Raspberry. HDD transfered with USB to my PC and make a Copy of all on it. No Problem. Now I have a ton of ROMs and i don´t know how to start them. They are all in one Folder on the Machine and a lot of Emulators starts them. ;)
  • FB_Alpha_0.92
    MAME 0.9.6
    MAME Plus 0.106
    MAME Plus 0.124
    MAME Plus 0.128
    MAME Plus 0.129
    MAME Plus 0.135
    and some unknown Emulators
Is there any chance to find out how to start every single one of them on RetroPie with the right Emulatores.
Is there any Tool who can help me with this? :?:

Greetings and THX for any help


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