[For Sale] GBZ All In One PCB (Pre Orders V2)Sold Out!

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Re: [For Sale] GBZ All In One PCB (Pre Orders V2)Sold Out!

Post by WoodMill » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:59 am

Kudos for doing this on your own, and not relying on something like Kickstarter. I think people think that's the only way things can get done these days.
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Re: [For Sale] GBZ All In One PCB (Pre Orders V2)Sold Out!

Post by Helder » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:01 am

OK so here it is folks, I'm expecting a new prototype for testing early next week and also have some other boards to test this weekend but I need to get all shipments out first.

If my tests are good to go then these boards will be implemented into the next AIO preorder which will be Next Friday and I'll let it go for a week (Friday to Friday).

Pricing for the new version will be slightly higher because of the new board size and extra components but nothing to break the bank over, I don't want to give too much info out just yet till all testing is done.

The way the preorder works is that you pay upfront for the amount of boards you want (no limit) and at the end of the preorder I send it in to the manufacturer which depending on the quantity of preorders can be 2-3 weeks BEFORE I receive them.

Once I receive them I need to program them which is 1-2 days and then I start to package and ship them in the order I got the payments, so if you don't get an email confirmation I haven't gotten to your order yet (be patient, I get asked this all the time!).

This whole process can be a few days but you will get your boards so again be patient and don't PM or email me about it as I will now ignore those messages (my PM inbox is at 97% which is almost 800 messages!).

And with this info all here it should answer all the same questions being asked in the last couple of days, I will also lock this thread since it'll be easier for people to see this last post of mine with the information.

If you have questions there is a Support thread in the Lounge subforum or you can make a new thread to post questions about the board and or project in the Lounge and NO I will not release the files so you can make your own board (I already saw one of the other early boards I released the files on ebay without my name or logo and someone else's logo.
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