Random resets?

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Random resets?

Post by zeropoint97 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:58 pm

The last few times I've played a game it just soft resets back to the title screen.
I know holding down button combinations can do this but most times I've been holding a single direction and single button. I chose not to have additional back buttons added, so it's just the face buttons. I'm guessing as it's so tight in there, something could be getting pitched? I notice at menus and certain games, it doesn't seem to register down presses correctly and sometimes moves down on its own.
Just to confirm, everything seems perfect internally. Very clean install and solder joins, all tested. Very successful case mod, nothing has been forced or crushed. Just wondered if this is a known thing or just something I've possibly messed up.
It's obviously not something I'm seriously gaming on but would be nice to play a game more than 10 seconds!


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Re: Random resets?

Post by manyxcxi » Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:52 am

One thing to check for is that the MODE button can come in contact with the top of the USB-C port. I had a build that was glitchy where it would mute/un-mute constantly and the on screen display kept coming up randomly. I haven't seen any specific instructions for this but I ALWAYS put a piece of kapton tape on the top of the USB-C to prevent contact between them and I have never had any issues again.

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