Circuit Sword Lite - Headphone Jack - No sound! HELP!

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Circuit Sword Lite - Headphone Jack - No sound! HELP!

Post by jaimz » Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:30 am

Hi everyone,

Hopefully I'm posting in the right area this time. I've tried emailing Kite directly but not had a response yet.

I finished my build after a 6 hour stint and was lucky to enjoy a few hours of old school gaming, until I tried using headphones.

My build has a Circuit Sword Lite and everything worked fine, including the sound. However, I found the headphone jack to be stiff when inserting and removing headphones but I didn't think too much of it.

After playing through the speaker, I decided to plug the headphones in and found that they wouldn't go in all the way (stiffness) and the sound was still coming through the speaker. Since the sound wasn't coming through and there was still some of the headphone jack left to be inserted, I pushed them in further and I felt something dislodge and noticed the sound was distorting. Not too long after that the sound stopped working entirely. Now the sound doesn't work when I use either the speaker or the headphones.

I dis-assembled the case and it looked like the DAC and AMP sections on the headphone jack on the board had come dislodged on the left hand side. Since the right side contact points had solder on them, I decided to try and solder the two points that became dislodged back. Unfortunately, the solder didn't seem to stick the points back to the board and the sound still doesn't work. I wish I'd left it alone and not tried to solder it back. I genuinely feel like I've ruined this entire build now and I've only had it for a few hours.

Can anyone tell me if it's salvageable or should I just give up on it now? These builds aren't cheap and I feel pretty gutted that something as silly as a stiff headphone jack has potentially cost me a few hundred pounds. I don't feel confident soldering parts that were already soldered on Kite's board without any help or instruction from someone maybe more experienced with electronics.

Picture below of the board in question:

Any help is massively appreciated. Thank you all.


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Re: Circuit Sword Lite - Headphone Jack - No sound! HELP!

Post by aarkay14 » Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:07 am

You can try finding a replacement part and replace that jack!

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