neogeo GnGeo-Pi controls for CSO

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neogeo GnGeo-Pi controls for CSO

Post by goodBEan » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:29 pm

I am currently trying to get some neo geo roms to work on my cso. I have figured out is they do with with GnGeo-Pi. Problem is that the config is not setup right. Currently the config is showing all keyboard commands. Any way to have it use the key config as the other neogeo emulators use? I trie

Currently my files in play are.
/opt/retropie/configs/neogeo/gngeorc and /home/pi/.gngeo/gngeorc

Code: Select all

p1control A=K122,B=K120,C=K97,D=K115,START=K49,COIN=K51,UP=K273,DOWN=K274,LEFT=K276,RIGHT=K275,MENU=K27
p2control A=K108,B=K59,C=K111,D=K112,START=K50,COIN=K52,UP=K264,DOWN=K261,LEFT=K260,RIGHT=K262,MENU=K27
I did look at and found an example config but I am not sure if it would apply to the cso. Also I am not sure which file to edit.

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