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Image EXIF information

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:51 am
by YaYa
Hi wermy !

Is there a way to fix misinterpretation of the EXIF information from a picture uploaded as attachment to sudomod ?
I have my pictures taken with the iPhone and uploaded via the iPhone to the site that are wrongly rotated.
If i right click and select view image, that say read the image directly from firefox, the image is in the good orientation, but when interpreted from phbBB, it is rotated.
Saving the uploaded image to my computer and read it with picasa, or irfanview or windows image previewer, shows it in the right orientation, so i assume that the problem is the code from the board itself.
It's not a critival stuff, but really annoying for the show off :mrgreen:

Thanks a lot for everything !

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