MintyPi V3

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MintyPi V3

Parts List

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  • Ebay Search (Weeds out most of the irrelevant stuff):
 raspberry pi zero w -case -cases -addon -berryboot -hat -hotspot -starter -kali -header -adapter -shell -fan -badusb -1.3 -breadboard -makerspot -noobs -"power supply" -zebra -camera -expansion -retropie -kit -lcd -oled -display -poisontap -usb -cover -enclosure -jumpstarting

You will need a couple short pieces of wire for the speaker as they are not included. 28 gauge magnet wire works well:

If you want to protect your V3, a TPU protective sleeve is recommended:

Tools Used

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You can download the V3 software here: (MD5 Sum: "dac18938f1ab2f449cd4bd44ed001c99")

Use a program like Etcher to flash the software to the microSD card. ( ) There is no need to extract the image from the .gz file.

Build Guide

You can view the build guide video from the following link:

Please watch it fully once or twice before attempting to build your MintyPi V3 so you know what is coming!


Does it have L/R buttons?

 Yes πŸ‘ it πŸ‘ has πŸ‘ L πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ R πŸ‘ buttons.

Can I use Barkleys Mints in stead of Altoids?

 Yes, in fact someone on the forums did just that:

Can you get to the SD card?

 Not easily, no; you'd have to remove a few screws and lift out the bottom portion of the tin.

How will you put ROMs on it without access to the SD card?

 This is why the Pi Zero W is so nice - it has built-in wifi, so you can transfer files and update settings that way.

How much does this cost?

 Around US $175-$200

Can I just buy a pre-made one?

 The best place is to check the "For Sale/Trade" section of the forums:

Is there room for analog sticks?

 Probably not, and would require finding something other than Retrogame for the input (it just spits out keyboard keys given some GPIO pin input, which of course wouldn't work well with analog sticks).

How do you control the volume?

 You can control the volume while inside a game by pressing function + up/down on the d-pad.

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