MintyPi V3 Common Problems

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Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Kits Received After April 2019

After flashing the new image, the boot logo screens do not appear at all

The MintyPi and Sudomod boot logos were both removed in the lastest image. Expected behaviour.

The magnet will not shut down the system

You need to be powered through the power board (USB-C or battery) for this to work correctly.

If you are powering the Pi directly (microUSB to the Pi), the system will go through the script but will not power down the system because it is missing the mosfet that actually kills the power to the Pi.

If you are powering through the power board, some people have had good luck with using a different microSD card.

I have no sound!

The most common problem is that the GPIO pins have not been soldered correctly. Use the image below to make sure you have continuity between the test pads and the Pi marked in red on the left side. Also make sure that you are getting 5v from the Pi to the SMD marked in red on the right.

MintyPi v3 Audio.png

Also check the chip to make sure you have 5v power going from the 5v marked on the pi pictured above to those 2 pins. You may have to reflow those pins. Do this while it is not powered and make extra sure you don't have any bridges between the pins after reflowing.

V3 sound chip.jpg

Kits Received Before April 2019

Please visit this thread on the forums for these problems and fixes.