Really easy battery system ?

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Really easy battery system ?

Post by matt2mi » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:02 am

Hey all,

I am starting my project and I found this battery system on amazon :
It looks far easier to use and cheaper :? than the wermy solution (powerBoost + battery) but this make me feel scary :oops: because I found no trace of this kind of stuff in the forum...

Do you think it is fine to use ?

I imagined cut the red cable from the battery to insert the switch button of the game boy and keep the switch button of this board alwways on "on" mode, do you think it is a good way too ?

And thanks all of you for this forum which is a gold mine (french expression maybe... means it is awesome :D ) for the noob i am !!


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Re: Really easy battery system ?

Post by VeteranGamer » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:56 am

As something/product to use...
It will work fine....

The reason you haven’t seen it in any projects/ build....
(I think it has been discussed before)
Is because of the size...
Space is very limited in most of the project/builds people do on here...
Managing the placement of a RPi can be challenging, and to add another component/part around the same size is just double the headache...

The other solutions used are way more smaller and compact and can be place easily....

It’s a good product....
If you think you can make it work...
Go for it....
Post your results...

a couple of other options that would also be suitable (around the same money).... ... -shutdown/

both have great benefits in their own right, but they are NOT identical.....
so if you opt for one, just make sure it covers all the bases you need covering.....


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Re: Really easy battery system ?

Post by matt2mi » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:50 am

First thanks for your quick answer !

I understand that the problem is the space inside the Game boy shell, i'll check more precisely what space i need/have for this battery before buying it as you said !

Searching in the forum posts, i found a lot of informations, i need to go deeper in these subjects before going further in this project.

Thanks anyway for your time, and thanks for all your answers in other posts that will sure help me ;)

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