GBZ Misc Hardware

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GPIO PWM Audio for Raspberry Pi Zero

150 Ohm resistor, 270 Ohm resistor, 10nF capacitor, and a 33nF capacitor (another 10nF will work fine as well if that’s easier to find)

L/R Buttons

If you want to use tactile switches in the rear screwholes like the original GBZ, you'll need something similar to this: or this

Replacement case

A replacement case for the gameboy can be found here.

Audio Jack

In case you can not use the audio jack of the original GBZ board here is a replacement.

Power Switch

If you don't have the power switch from the GBZ board or are unable to desolder it you can use this switch.

Due to space constraints in the Gameboy DMG case, it may be advisable to use a replacement switch with terminals on the side, instead of the one listed above. Here, here, and here are some choices.

Micro SD Card

32 Gb micro SD card to install RetroPie on and roms.

Prototype PCB

Protoytype PCB to create power distribution board or GPIO sound output for the RPi Zero.

Step-Up Modules (Voltage Regulators)

0-5V to 5V - 1,89$
5V to 12V - 1,90$
Wide Range Steup or Step Down regulators

Battery leads/JST Plug

Trying to wire a custom battery up to a PowerBoost? Need JST 2.0 PH type leads. Here

3D Printed Parts

Power Switch holder: stl files or buy

GBA Cart slot holder: stl files or buy

Top Screw brackets: stl files or buy

Button wells: stl files or buy

Screen Bracket with X/Y buttons: Thingiverse

Alternate 2-part Screen Bracket with X/Y buttons & drill guide: Thingiverse

Alternate Top screw bracket with HDMI holder: Thingiverse

Drill guide for centered back buttons: Thingiverse

Fake cart to hold a full-size SD card reader: Thingiverse

Holder for a dremel-free battery install: Thingiverse

Button Wells with integrated drill guide: Thingiverse

Cart shell: Thingiverse

HDMI Cables

Thin ribbon cable: ebay