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Can I add a joystick to the mintyPi

Short answer: No. There is simply not enough room and the connections needed aren't available. Besides, none of the systems the mintyPi can run requires a joystick.

How do I add ROMs?

MintyPi: Transferring ROMs

What is the difference between mintyPi V3 and mintyPi Lite?

Wermy has a video explaing the differences on his YouTube channel. You can view the video here: But if you like lists:

  • There is a power slider on the side of the unit instead of a button on the faceplate.
  • The halls sensor has been removed. (You can't close the lid to turn off the device.)
  • The headphone jack has been removed.
  • You have options of which LiPo battery you can fit instead of using the official battery. (The kit comes with a connector so that you can still use the official battery sold by Helder.)
  • A little more soldering is involved.

What is the difference between mintyPi v3 and mintyPi v3.5?

  • L2/R2 buttons have been added.
  • Upgraded dualfet power chip

What systems can the mintyPi play?

The following spreadsheet is community driven and may not be 100% accurate. But you are looking at column D:

Where can I find ROMs?

Google. No one on here, the forums, or Discord will tell you where to find them. You need to find them yourself. Really not hard.

Why can my mintyPi not connect to my WiFi?

  1. Make sure you are using the RaspberryPi Zero W and not the RaspberryPi Zero v1.3. The W is the wireless variant that has WiFi and Bluetooth. You can find a visual guide here: RasperryPi Zero Difference
  2. Make sure you are using a 2.4 GHz network and not a 5GHz network. The RPi Zero W does not have a 5GHz antenna.
  3. Make sure that you are using a home network and not a public/school/etc network. Most of those networks have it locked down where devices can't talk to each other.

Why will Game Boy Advance games not launch?

You need a BIOS file or switch to another emulator for GBA games to work. If you do go the BIOS file route, it needs to be named specifically and in the correct folder. You will have to search for the BIOS file yourself. More information can be found in the following link:

mintyPi v3.5 Specific

MintyPi v3.5 specific items will go here when they arise.

mintyPi Lite Specific

mintyPi Lite specific items will go here when they arise.

mintyPi V3 Specific

Will the mintyPi v3 ever be back in stock?

The mintyPi 3 is no longer being sold. It has been replaced with mintyPi v3.5.