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Okay builders, so you have a nice looking GBZ now and you plop in your battery but you may have never handled them before. Well, you have to be careful. You can start a fire pretty easily if the Positive Side (the red cable) and Negative Side (the black cable) touch.

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With that said, most of these batteries you are buying for this project are going to come from China. Most of these batteries ship with no Pins connected to them (Pins are the little white plastic connector that connects your battery to the powerboost and other things). If you just leave this battery with no Pin connected laying around and the wires are not covered with electrical tape then those wires could touch while you are away from the house or asleep. That could start a fire pretty quickly. Make sure you cover the ends of those wires and please look at safety tips from professionals before buying any batteries what so ever!! Don't be dumb.

WARNINGS and recommendations

  1. Never leave exposed wires from batteries.
  2. Do not try to build your own battery in serial and always buy from known re-seller.
  3. Never leave your battery charging over night or unattended.
  4. Never leave your battery connected to your powerboot unattended or over night.
  5. Never leave your battery inside your car or take it on a plane (it will probably get confiscated if it gets noticed).
  6. Always test your battery in a controlled environment before playing for an extended amount of time.
  7. And I would always make sure your battery comes with a Over Charge Protection board
  8. And to be honest, you shouldn't buy any batteries unless you are over the age of 18 or considered a legal adult (just my opinion).


Here is a little tip that I did because I did not want to keep having to take a part my GBPi2 when I go to sleep or leave the house so I created a male to female extension cable from the powerboost to the battery bay that way I can unplug my battery without taking apart the GBPi2.

1. Created a Male to Female Connector Pin


2. Put in the battery


3. Make sure it fits and test


This way I can disconnect the battery whenever I need because I do not want my battery to catch on fire.

Hope this helps!!! Please be responsible and safe. :D