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Composite/TV Screens SPI Screens DPI Screens HDMI Screens
Adafruit 3.5 composite display.jpg Adafruit 35 SPITFT.jpg Adafruit pimoroni hyperpixel.jpg Todo


  • Cheap
  • Simple to install
  • Usually only need 1 wire (plus power & ground).


  • Low Resolution
  • Analog nature makes them sensitive to interference and ghosting.
  • Many different variations makes standardizing difficult.


  • Often better resolution than Composite/TV screens
  • Digital nature makes perfect picture clarity
  • Typically needs 7-10 wires, more than Composite, but less than DPI.


  • Often designed as "Hats" that sit on the pi taking up a lot of space and all the GPIO pins even if not needed.
  • Can vary wildly on driver support. Even some well known sellers can unofficially EOL these by not updating drivers and install guides
  • SPI has very low bandwidth, leading to stuttering and FPS issues.
  • Are often 16:9 ratio rather than 4:3 like the Composite screens: Fitting into a GBZ may be difficult or impossible.


  • Often very high (nearing cell phone ppi) resolution
  • Amazing image quality
  • Can reach 60fps


  • The most expensive option
  • Will use all or nearly all GPIO pins
  • Often designed as "Hats", making them large & thick.


3.5" Screens for GBZ

Composite/TV Screens

SPI Screens

DPI Screens

2.2" Screens for MintyPi


Screens used by other projects seen around SudoMod

6" HDMI 1080p Screen (Same manufacture as 1440p screen below)

6" HDMI 2560 x 1440 Screen (WiiU: Project)

6.5" HDMI 800 x 480 screen (WiiU: Project)