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Game Boy Zero - Everything you need to know about wermy's GBZ Project

Game Boy Zero with Custom Parts - The GBZ with custom parts

MintyPi V2 - Raspberry Pi Zero W-powered gaming in an Altoids tin

MintyPi V3 - Version 3 of the MintyPi project

MintyPi V3 Common Problems and Fixes - Things that come up quite often can be found here


mintyPi FAQ - Common questions about the mintyPi project answered.

3.5mm Audio Jack - how the 3.5mm Audio Jack works

Microcontroller Boards - a List of Microcontroller Boards for USB HID

Soldering Guide - A soldering guide made by abrugsch

PSA: Battery Safety - Safety guide about handling batteries - you SHOULD read this if it's your first time handling batteries

MintyPi: Transferring ROMs - How to transfer ROMs to the MintyPi V3


Online Shops - links to online shops, where you can buy tools, parts and other stuff for your projects